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[edit] Bitcoin Laundry - How to wash your bitcoins before using them on Silkroad or other marketplaces

With increasing regulation and AML/KYC policies on bitcoin exchanges its extremely important to launder your bitcoins when doing business on silkroad or other marketplaces.
For example if you buy bitcoins on MtGox and then send them directly to silkroad you risk government agencys finding out about your transaction.

The easiest and cheapest way to launder your bitcoins is through using some of the bigger online bitcoin wallets which are using a shared wallet and allow anonymous registration.

Examples are Easycoin and OnionWallet
For buyers: After you bought bitcoins send them to your Easycoin or OnionWallet account and then send them to silkroad.
For Sellers: Withdraw your silkroad funds to OnionWallet or Easycoin before you sell them on MtGox or Localbitcoin etc.

Why you should wash your bitcoins?

All bitcoin transactions are public on the blockchain, which makes bitcoin not really anonymous if you dont use mixing services to mix your bitcoins.
To get that anonymity back just launder them as described above.
That way the link between your incoming and outgoing bitcoins will be broken and noone will see where you spent your bitcoins, or where you earned them.
Especially if you are a silkroad vendor with high volume, never forget to clean your bitcoins before you cash them out.
Every time you buy or sell bitcoins which will be used on the darknet better use a mixer, better safe than sorry!
If you want to know more about the technical details of bitcoin transactions and how they are traceable, check the bitcoin wiki at